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Towering architectural feats amongst a glittering skyline. To the mind of the beholder it would seem that only such a scene could exist at the center of a bustling city. You would never expect to find it within the ruins of what once was ancient Egypt.

The blistering effects of the glaring sun were taking effect on the laborers. Equipped with slip-shod tools and a lack of technology their methods seemed to be primitively unstable. How then, were they to complete the arduous task that lay before them?
It has been nearly 4,000 years since its completion and yet the Great Pyramid still casts its monstrous shadow across the dunes. There has been countless other pyramids built to honor deceased pharaohs, but the Great Pyramid remains obtrusive among them all. At first glance the sheer immensity of its size is enough to set it apart from all other examples of ancient architecture. How could it have been possible for a culture lacking in modern capabilities to build, let alone transport, a structure consisting of 2.5 million stones, the biggest weighing four tons? And then the question is raised as to what purpose such a structure could impose. With no signs of a pharaohs body, thirty painstaking years of construction seen to have been without reason.
As this mystery gains momentum the shadow of confusion looms overhead, leaving us in the dark. Despite raised eyebrows several theories have been suggested that may shed some light on the situation.
One theory suggests that the pyramid may represent the second coming of Christ. Another spin is that it was built to outdo the work of past kings. The most popular belief is that the pyramids were built with the aid of extraterrestrials. Sounds like the plot of a sci-fi bore; but in fact there may be more fact than fiction to this idea. Evidence from artwork seems to support this theory, although offers no explanations. These records depict strange creatures with discolored bodies and oversized eyes. The resemblance of these creatures to other perceptions of extraterrestrials appears to be more than just a mere coincidence. Is this proof that there is life beyond our solar system?
The most practical explanation to date is the Orion theory. For years scientists were baffled about what use the shafts in the Great Pyramid and the surrounding pyramids served. Perhaps, at first, it looked as if they may have been used to air out the body or as an exit for trapped laborers. But after such theories were dismissed researchers looked to the stars; Literally!
Over thousands of years the stars shift their position. This means that the sky we look upon today is much different from that of three thousand years ago. By tracing the stars locations back to this time era it was found that the shafts lined up precisely with the stars making up Orions Belt. Although this does pose an intention for the architecture it does not clarify why the pyramid was
so large or how it was built. Perhaps with the aid of another world?
Out of all the architecture built by the ancients the Great Pyramid was the most defined of engineering marvels. Building pyramids was supported on a trial and error basis and as a result three styles of building emerged.
The earliest form was the step pyramid. Small blocks were stacked so that the sides were rigid and appeared to look like steps. The design of these pyramids was as structurally unsound as they were unpleasing to look at. With the new knowledge they now possessed, hopefully their next try would be better.

The next style that developed was the bent pyramid. Among all other pyramids this one was the most peculiar of them all. From the base and up to about midsection the angle is 54 degrees. The angle was apparently too steep because it suddenly shifts to 42 degrees. This produced a bent effect, which earned its recognition. Once again the Egyptians would have to learn from their mistakes.
Finally their persistence and determination paid off. The straight pyramids emerged and have since become the very symbols of Egypt. This time more consideration was taken to build an accurate structure.
Once the bricks had been laid they were polished and sanded smooth. Using this strategy the Great Pyramid came into effect. The stones were laid so compactly that not even a sheet of paper could be inserted between them. The base, which covers a thirteen-acre span, only varies about two inches in level on each opposing side. This is more precise than that of many buildings built today with modern technology.
Once again the abilities of the ancient Egyptians has exceeded the modern perception of man; That is, if they really did build them.

The step pyramid.

The Great Pyramids.

The bent pyramid.

Alien or vase of lotus flowers? You decide.