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Artwork and Graphics by Sindie

The Mummy Returns
Rated: pg-13
** Two Stars

            Considering the initial success of The Mummy it only seemed logical to produce another chart-topping flick. However, it appears that greed has reared its ugly head. Had the sequel been motivated to continue a good plot, rather than wreak the benefits of a hefty profit the movie may have been a hit. This cheesy-plotted, excuse to reunite the cast, is a disappointment to all Mummy fans. Just goes to show money isnt everything.  


            Rick, Evelyn, and Jonathan are back for another adventure; and this time there has been a few tweaks to the cast. Alex, a mischievous lad, joins the crew as Rick and Evelyns son. Anck-Su-Namun, the seductive mistress, is back from the dead (again) with an expanded role. This time there are two prevailing foes that will stop at nothing to get what they want.

            Curiosity eventually leads Alexs prying eyes to an ancient key. He suddenly becomes vital to what the powerful villains desire as the world is once again at jeopardy. They set out in pursuit of the legendary Scorpion King (played by The Rock) to claim their possession of the world.

            Cheap thrills and obviously fake graphics intertwine throughout the shoddy plot. The second-rate quality of the merciless pygmies, clashing armies, and even the Scorpion King himself seem to animate the picture as it drifts further away from credibility; and its this cheap drama that capsizes the film.

            But dont get the idea that this is just another predictable horror flick; a.k.a. some blonde ditz investigating a bump in the night. Youll find unexpected surprises at the most unsuspecting moments. You may even feel sympathy at the end toward the despised villain. After all, who cant love a decomposing dead guy?

            I recommend that you carefully consider your ability to stay awake before you attempt to watch this on the silver screen. Heed to my word if you so choose, but remember thats just my opinion. If you want the whole truth go see it for yourself. In spite of everything I have said you may actually enjoy it.


The Mummy Returns Review
By Ivanna Daher

One of the best sequels to a movie. It explains the Egyptian mythology very well. New York Daily News said , "Breathlessly Action-Packed!" and Jeffery Lyons, WNBC-TV said, "A Must-See Adventure!" It was said to be "the best adventure movie of the year " by MTV Radio. In the Mummy Returns there i s also The Rock staring as The Scorpion King. It was presented by Universal Pictures.