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1.Cats were considered so sacred that killing one was punishable by death.
2. When a cat died the owner would often shave their eyebrows in mourning.
3. If you take the perimeter of the pyramid, and divide it by two times the height, you get a number that is exactly equivalent to the number pi (3.14159...)
4. Cats were often buried with mummified mice to accompany them to the afterlife.
5. The brain was considered the least important organ in the body.
6. The Great Pyramid has a base as big as eight football fields.
7. Children of the pharaoh swam in their own swimming pools. Other Egyptian children swam in the Nile River with the crocodiles.
8. In ancient Egypt, priests plucked every hair from their bodies, including their eyebrows and eyelashes.
9. "Death will slay with his wings whosoever disturbs the peace of Pharaoh." This was an inscription found on a clay tablet in Tut's tomb. Twenty people associated with the discovery died shortly after the tomb opening.
10. In the event of a fire, cats would be rescued from the building before any humans.