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Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Rated: PG
*** Three Stars
Slap together a little death defying action, perilous danger, and the crack of a bullwhip and what have you got? Why, only the greatest action hero to ever grace this earth! Indiana Jones comes fully equipped with the smarts, looks, and theme song of any ideal adventurer. Even with the digitally altered special effects of todays movies, the Indiana Jones trilogy is always a fair comparison. Its the type of movie that you can watch with your whole family; Dad and son glued to the action suspense, while mom and daughter drool over Indys washboard abs. (which, by the way, youll get plenty of opportunity to see.)
Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is an archeology teacher devoted to his subject. So much that he is making history himself! The Nazis have conspired a devious scheme (as can only be expected of the villains) to rid the world of all religious symbols. They are willing to sift through every last grain of sand until they find their treasure, the Ark of Covenant, which is believed to hold the holy Ten Commandments. Who better to stop them than Indy himself? 
 Indy sets off in a race against the Nazis to recover the artifact. First he must find the amulet that is key to its whereabouts. But, as fate might have it, the key is a two for one deal. Now he has Marion (Karen Allen) to serve as the damsel, although this saucy girl can certainly defend herself.
Soon Indys smarts (and a little luck) lead him to unearth the golden chest which houses the holy documents. But, dont expect the action to end there. No sooner has he found the relic than the Nazis suddenly seize it. Indy is carelessly deposited into an ancient tomb, along with a hysteric Marion where they too may come to rest among the splendid treasures forever.
Indy must devise a plan to escape the tomb, rescue the damsel, and encounter his only fear; the slithering, poisonous asps that litter the floor. It seems as if all is doomed! Indy has failed.
Now you do not think they would let it all end like that, do you? Sure there is always a common plot line in all action movies (the hero rescues the world and a damsel that he has fallen deeply in love with), but to those movie goers who are expecting that be in store for a surprise ending! Indy has been cast into a cliffhanger situation, but fear not loyal fans, because it wont be long until... 
The plot moves a little slow in the beginning and the action scenes are a bit incredulous, but the great plot and witty characters make up for the most part. This movie contains very few historical references or correctness, but all in all its a great action adventure!