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Rated: PG
*** Three Stars

Relive the tale of the book of Exodus with this epic movie adventure. The story tells of Moses and his choice to serve God and liberate the slaves of Egypt. This movie teaches the principles of fellowship and relentless commitment to children through animation as it reintroduces them to the miracles of the Old Testament. It tells of an adventure with humor, inspiration, and a historical basis. Its the perfect movie choice to stimulate your childens minds while they escape reality and travel to the sun scorched dunes of ancient Egypt.

Set in a time of chaos and fear, Moses early life is a fight for survival. Acting upon orders of the pharaoh, the kings guards unleash a reign of terror and bloodshed as they slay the sons of the slaves. Moses mother is faced with the painful burden of concealing her son from harm, until at last she can do so no longer. She places Moses in a basket and sets it afloat down the Nile with hopes that God will spare him.

Irony runs amuck as Moses ends up in the hands of the pharaoh. He is believed to be a gift from the gods and is adopted by the royal family. Moses grows up oblivious to his origin as a slave and that one day he shall deliver them from bondage.

Moses and his brother Rameses are a reckless duo abiding by one rule alone, boys will be boys. Their antics wreak havoc around the construction site, knocking down ramps, overturning workstations, and even being responsible for the missing nose on the Sphinx. The pharaoh is not pleased with his spiteful sons, and especially Rameses who has been destined to assume his throne as king. Moses pleads with his father until he agrees to allow Rameses a chance to oversee the building of the pyramids. As an act of gratefulness, Rameses appoints Moses to the position of overseeing the labor force. It is here that Moses gets his first taste of his peoples suffering. He is longing to find a suitable purpose, but he never suspects that one day a burning bush will determine his destiny.

Although I enjoyed this movie, I have found that some children under five years of age become disinterested. To fully appreciate this movie your child must be capable of complex thinking during the moments without comic relief. Consider your childs abilities, and maybe then you can enjoy the movie together.

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