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Directions: Copy this puzzle to a word formatting program and print out. Use the clues listed below.


1. a script featured on the rosetta stone
4. pictograms used by the egyptians
6. the punishment for killing a cat
9. the type of religion practiced
12. the great pyramid theory
14. the main female character in "the mummy"
17. considered the least important organ during mummification
19. action hero played by harrison ford
20. the ancient name of egypt
22. main character in "the prince of egypt"
2. role played by liz taylor
3. rick and evelyn's son from "the mummy returns"
5. deciphered the rosetta stone
7. the main river flowing through egypt
8. what the goddess bastet represented
10. the constellation associated with the great pyramid
11. the god of embalming
13. a sarcophagus
15. what was done to the eyebrows as a sign of mourning a cats death
16. released the song "walk like an egyptian"
18. discover king tut's tomb
21. the eyebrow of the eye of horus