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  We are all familiar with Liz Taylor's legendary role as Cleopatra or the extravagant treasures of the Boy King. However, few know of the roles many pharaohs played in influencing history. The effects of their reigns are commonly drawn upon today and will most likely live on well into the future.
King Tut:
One king that still has influence today is King Tutankhamun, or more commonly referred to as King Tut. Although he is known widely he did very little to earn such a reputation. He died after ruling only nine years, just barely a teenager. Then whats all the hype about?
 On November 26, 1922 Howard Carter feasted his eyes upon the greatest royal treasure in history. The boy's tomb was garnished in pure gold and, surprisingly, had been left almost fully intact. This discovery went down in archeological history, thus the legend of the Boy King has become renown across the world.
Female rulers also played a big role in shaping history. At age eighteen Cleopatra was faced with a great task. Her father had died and left his kingdom to her 12 year old brother, however, he was too young to manage a kingdom so she possessed this responsibility. She was very intelligent and had relations with Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony. Her potential greatness never was able to reach its peak. At the aged of thirty-nine she chose death, rather than humiliation by her enemies. She requested an asp be brought to her room. It was believed that the poison of this snake would resurrect the soul and so she allowed it to bite her .She died on August 12, 30 B.C.
Traditionally women held no real power as rulers. However, for one particular queen an exception was made. Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti came to be viewed as almost equals during their reign together. There have been more artifacts found honoring Neferititi than Akhenaten. It is possible that she may have been the mother of King Tut. After year fifteen there are suddenly no more records of her. Perhaps she died or maybe she was banished for speaking out against her husbands wishes. Her influence on the people of Egypt has inspired even the women of today to be looked upon as equals.
Other Rulers:
Other kings that took broad steps in history include Sneferu, Khufu, and Akhenaten. Sneferu was the builder of several pyramids that still stand prominently over the sands of Egypt. Khufu was the builder of the Great Pyramid, the largest monument of that time. Akhenaten was Nefertiti's husband and was among the first of the rulers to promote monotheism. (Although it is believed Nefertiti may be responsible for this.) They all helped to shape our modern perception of this ancient culture.

King Tutankhamun and his wife.
Liz Taylor as Cleopatra.