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The Mummy

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A Comparison Of the Original 1932 Version


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The Mummy
Rated: pg-13
**** Four stars
Amid the sweltering sands of ancient Egypt there survives a curse so horrific that the worlds fate rests upon its mercy. The Mummy, a classic tale of a passionate love gone to extremes, will keep you on the edge of your seat with its full throttled action sequences. It will open your eyes to the unimaginable as it crosses the thin line between fantasy and reality.


3,000 years in the making this epic adventure begins when the land of Egypt was young. The beautiful mistress Anck-Su-Namun (Patricia Velazquez) has bid her love to the high priest Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo) as he has to her. Their love is strong and enduring, but there is one thing that stands between them. The pharaoh has also fallen for her seductive nature, and going against his wishes means certain death. When the pharaoh grows suspicious of their love drastic steps must be taken, no matter how harsh the consequences.
Soon there rests a curse upon the murderous hands of Imhotep as a ceremony to resurrect his lover, who has taken her life, goes terribly wrong. Mummified alive he is placed into a casket full of ravenous scarab beetles where death becomes inevitable and his soul grows vengeful.
Hamunaptra, city of the dead, lay undisturbed for over 3,000 years. Imprisoned in this city, his soul dwells awaiting the day he will be set free to resume his life as the undead. The passing of so many years has caused his wrath to escalate.

The years have turned to 1923 and among the fire of a raging battle Rick OConnor (Brendan Fraser), your modern day Indiana Jones, stumbles upon the secret of this ancient city. Drawn away by spooks he leaves, unaware that the knowledge he now possesses has put his life, as well as others at great risk. Not one to take part in superstitions he keeps his discovery to himself.

Evelyn Carnarvon (Rachel Weisz), a muddled librarian, has been intrigued with the ancient history of Egypt since childhood. Her brother, Johnathan (John Hannah) is also fascinated by Egypt, although is more devoted to gaining riches than appreciating the value of the culture. By fate, and a little of Jonathans wrong doing, they happen upon the grungy, godless man that is now Rick OConnor. Once clean-shaven and ready to leave his life of sin behind he leads the way. Little do they know that disturbing the eternal rest of the city will unleash a terror capable of snuffing out the world.

Now it has become a death-defying race against time to rescue the world from certain doom. One challenge awaits them; how do you kill something that is already dead? In the heated search for an immortal weapon they struggle to keep grasp of their survival.

Why you should see it:

Romance, action, humor, and an accurate historical basis, along with some unsuspected twists this movie has it all! This film receives a thumbs way up.

The Mummy Review
By Ivana Daher
A thrilling, fufilled picture film resembling the myths, and mysteries of the lost city of Hamunaptra( old lost city in Cairo). Brendan Fraiser and Rachel Weisz are a great compelling duo. Stephen Sommers ,as director and screenplay, outdid himself. Adventure, romance, and comedy in one. It explains the genre of the ancient Egyptian kingdoms so well! The sequel will be even better.